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“Get out of my way!” you screamed as you push him away from you. You angrily walked toward your bedroom and went directly to the bathroom. You were so angry at him right now that you didn’t trust yourself to talk to him.

It seems he feels the same way, too. He goes after you, his face almost red with anger. He was breathing heavily as he followed you into the bathroom. You face the mirror as you remove your earrings. Your chest heaves as you look at yourself.

You wore your dark blue cocktail dress for him tonight at the club, but he didn’t even appreciate it. You looked at his reflection. He looked really good tonight. He’s in a black suit, and the dark shirt underneath is unbuttoned up to the middle of his abdomen. He grabbed your arm from behind but you shrug it off.

“You were plastering yourself all over that asshole!” he shouted at you as he forced you to face him. He has both your arms in tight grips. You looked. He’s hurting you but you refuse to let him know it. You refuse to even shed a single tear. You try to break free but he wouldn’t let you go.

“You’re being unreasonable! We were just dancing!” you shouted back. “We were just dancing while you were drinking with four other girls, remember?” you added with venom in your voice.

He looked at you, his eyebrows meeting in a furious frown. He was about to say something, but you stop him with your next words.

“Besides, you always said you hated to dance? So I danced with guys who loved it,” you taunted him.

He cocked his head sideways and faced you again with a dangerous glint in his yes.

“Really…” he whispers. Then he lets go of your arms but grabbed your hand to drag you outside the bathroom.

“You go in there, wearing that slutty dress, flaunting yourself to every man in sight and you tell me you wouldn’t dance with your own boyfriend?” he said in angry tones, almost grunting each word out of his mouth.

He dragged you to the balcony and pushed you against the concrete railing. “I may not know how to dance like that prick, but there’s one thing I’m really good at.”

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If you clicked on this post because of the word “erotic,” that’s fine. But you have to read my story first.

The Story (No. It’s not an erotic one, but you’ll love it anyway.)

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“Take the fight outside, boys.”

Adam chewed on a peanut and watched the stocky, red-haired owner of McCarty’s roughly warned a group of rowdy college boys out of his bar. What started out as a heated argument a while ago seemed to have turned into a fistfight between two young men while the rest of their group cheered them on. Joe broke the fight before it got worse.

“Busy night, Joe?” he asked when the usually cool-headed man passed by them to get behind the bar counter.

“Sherri been a teasin’ the damn infants ‘gain,” he grunted as pulled out some glasses under the counter and started filling them up. “Damn woman been causin’ a lot a commotion, especially on Fridays.”

Joe walked to the other end of the counter, still shaking his head.

“It’s the damn kids. Always looking for trouble,” Adam heard his best friend mutter before downing beer.

Adam gave a quiet laugh in agreement and looked at Nathan. “It’s a good thing we’ve moved past bar fights.”

Just then, Sherri, their blonde waitress, passed in front of them carrying a couple of empty bottles. Her short leather skirt went well above her mid thigh, while the t-shirt she wore barely covered her navel. Nathan pulled the young woman to him, making her squeal, and gave her a loud kiss on the lips.

“What did you do this time, Sherri? Only time boys fight around here is when you played with them,” Nathan said after pulling back from the playful kiss.

Sherri laughed and pulled away from Nathan and gave him a light smack on the chest. “They offered something I knew they wouldn’t be able to deliver.”

“Really,” Nathan said as he eyed her more intently. “Maybe it’s something I can… deliver.”

Adam watched as Sherri bit her lower lip enticingly and Nathan’s own eyes lightened with mischief. Then the woman also turned to look at him and drew near, placing her palm on his chest.

“Actually, I was hoping two real men would… deliver it,” she said the words for only his and Nathan’s ears.

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