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 naughty reader(s)

Welcome to The Naughty Diaries, a Tumblr blog of erotic fiction for aficionados and newbies alike.

I am an erotica ghostwriter, with some of my work selling nicely at Amazon, and this is where I post the erotic short stories and flash fiction (not for clients) that I come up with.

There will be no pictures… just words for your pleasure.

Here’s what you’ll find:

100 Naughty Words are super short erotic pieces out of the blue. 

Naughty Wet Dreams are short erotic scenarios with 150-400 words. 

Specially Naughty are short erotic stories with a thousand words or more.

Naughty Perspectives are articles on erotic writing and other erotic topics. These are not stories but rather are personal blog posts voicing my opinions.

I tag my posts according to these categories. So if you want to search my blog, the search box can be found at the sidebar and use these as keywords.